Easter Bunting

This lovely bunting is a great decoration for Easter.


  1. Hoop 1 layer of cutaway stabilizer, 
  2. Stitch ‘V’ shaped outline object on stabilizer, then stop your machine,
  3. Place bunting triangle over the V shape, and pin it to the stabilizer or use basting spray to keep it in place,
  4. Stitch design.

Size: 78.6 mm x 173.3 mm
Stitches: 4,367

Size: 78.6 mm x 159.6 mm
Stitches: 6,310

Size: 78.6 mm x 173.7 mm
Stitches: 5,312

Size: 78.6 mm x 159.3 mm
Stitches: 5,234

Size: 78.6 mm x 171.8 mm
Stitches: 3,917

Size: 78.6 mm x 158.3 mm
Stitches: 6,125


Please note: these design are copyrighted and not to be shared or sold.

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